Home Staging®

What is Home Staging?

In simple words – Home Staging®, according to the Creator of this term, Barb Schwarz, is as simple as ‘setting up a stage’, preparing the property to be sold much faster, because staging works as a communication tool as well.

Does the appearance of the property matter when it comes to selling? Of course! Nowadays, everyone is guided by the preferences of the interior design of the apartment when buying. A majority of potential buyers choose their future home based on the feeling they have while visiting the property, it is obvious that they want it to be perfect.

Sometimes minor renovation works, carefully selected accessories and fresh flowers already can help to give a property a welcoming effect, which often determines the positive opinion of the buyer.

I always start each project with the necessary consultation, which allows me to get to know your expectations, predispositions and preferences regarding the interior design of the apartment.

First, we arrange an online consultation which is free of charge. Takes about 15 min.

The meeting on-site usually takes about 1h 15min. This is the right time to listen to your needs and outline the next steps to change your interior.

Once the contract for home staging services is signed, the consultation fee of €‎150 is waived.

Main purposes of Home Staging® process

The biggest profit on the transaction

The shortest lead time

The lowest budget possible needed

How will I change your property? Change is a process ...

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